Birding Review: 159 species in Taiwan during January

Trail at Tengjhih National Forest, near Kaohsiung in Taiwan, an excellent mid-mountain area where it's possible to catch up with many of Taiwan's endemic bird species.
One of the trails in the Tengjhih National Forest area, near Kaohsiung in Taiwan, where it’s possible to catch up with a nice selection of Taiwan’s endemic bird species.

Although I went birding at virtually every opportunity during January, I was still doing my teaching job throughout the month, as well as being rather busy planning my move away from Taiwan. So although I saw a respectable 159 bird species in Taiwan during the month, I didn’t have time for any longer trips, and as a result I missed many of the high-mountain endemics as well as tricky local birds like Russet Sparrow.

On the plus side, the marshes of west and south-west Taiwan were brimming with water birds throughout January, and I even saw a lifer in Pingtung County’s pineapple fields, in the form of Blue-breasted Quail.

January’s personal highlights:

Blue-breasted Quail, Oriental Stork, Japanese Thrush, Taiwan Thrush, Ferruginous Duck.

Other Taiwan ticks and notable Taiwan birds:

Eastern Buzzard, Asian Stubtail, Greater Scaup, Saunders Gull, Great Crested Grebe, Black-necked Grebe, Siberian Stonechat, Dusky Thrush.


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