A 2015 World Year List? Why not!

My travels this year will take me to at least 12 countries on 3 continents.

Starting in Taiwan for the month of January, I will then fly to Thailand, where – apart from a short side trip to Cambodia – I will remain until early March. For the rest of March and throughout April, I’ll be in Nepal and India, two countries I have not visited before …. with the potential for plenty of lifers. May and June will be spent in the UK and France, with a short – but birding-focused – trip to Hungary in the middle of May. July to October will see my return to South-East Asia, with Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar among the likely destinations. Finally, I will see out the last two months of the year in Texas, USA.

How many birds are possible this year? 500,1000,1500? It’s very hard to hazard a guess, but as the year progresses I look forward to seeing how things are shaping up!


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